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US vs Marcusse 1:04-cr-165 IRS Agent Stephen Corcoran Admits to 54 Boxes of Documents Withheld at Trial

April 09, 2014

In October 2005, Jan Marcusse, was sentenced to 25 years incarceration. This was a "downward departure" from the original sentence of 14,590 months (1,200 years) recommended by probation (Exhibit 1) and its subsequent revision to 13,920 months (Ex
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When Federal Prosecutor Albert Balboni Gets Caught Lying, He Fakes "Brain Damage"

March 23, 2014

Did or did not Federal Prosecutor Albert Balboni make a plea agreement with Rhonda Fleming? Ms. Fleming was sentenced to 30 years because Prosecutor Balboni did not remember the 10 year plea agreement.

In court documents, Albert Balboni init
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July 06, 2013

Join me to meet and support the "New Breed of DA" Abe George, who served for eight years under the Manhattan DA prosecuting felony crimes like murder and rape, because I think prosecutorial power is out of control in this country.

A Lesbian in Prison meets "Gay for the Stay"

April 20, 2013


A Lesbian in Prison meets “Gay for the Stay”

            by Evie Litwok

 My arrest and prosecution centered around me being a lesbian. The government
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Eugene Debbs: The most heroic word in all languages is REVOLUTION. "Revolution" in New York Worker (27 April 1907)

January 07, 2013

Eugene V. Debs, an American labor worker and 5 time Socialist Party candidate for the American presidency.

Debbs v. United States, 249 U.S. 211 (1919) was a United States Supreme Court decision upholding the Espionage Act of 191
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Kennedy Center Honors- A good laugh on Obama

December 26, 2012

The Kennedy Center Honors tonight took a fun turn when Ray Romano used President Obama as "material for a joke." It was so funny I thought I would offer it on the website.

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Prison Life Project: Story of life inside SFF Hazelton during Severe Storm Sandy

November 13, 2012

Prison Life Project, a part of www.exoffendernation.com, is committed to publishing the stories of inmates about life inside. We are interested is finding out how i
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Hurricane Sandy caused the evacuation of all In Harm's Way.. Except the Incarcerated

November 02, 2012

Hurricane Sandy caused the evacuation of all In Harm’s Way... Except the Incarcerated

“Conversations” in America do not become part of the “American Narrative” until tragedy hits.  Hurricane Sa
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