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Deborah Keahl's Blurred Vision Led to Blindness Due to Slow Response Time by BOP & FCI Tallahassee

May 26, 2014

D woke up in prison on the morning of December 13, 2011 and noticed a blindspot in her right eye.  She knew it was an emergency and went to medical services determined to have an examination and treatment.  It took seven weeks for her to
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Stopping to make a phone call at a neighbor's house got Alicia Siller a 22 year prison sentence--US v. Alicia Siller Case No. 6:07-cr-027 Northern Distrcit of Texas (ND Tex)

May 20, 2014

Twenty-six year old Alicia Siller had just moved into an apartment with her three young children, ages 5,7 & 8, following a separation from her husband. She had no phone at the new apartment and needed to pick up her children. Her brother had
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This is How They Do Ya--US v. Wilhemina Bryan 6:00-cr-147 Middle District of Florida Orlando Division

May 09, 2014

Willie, as her friends know her, has been incarcerated for 14 years of a thirty year sentence for drugs she did not deal. She, along with several nieces and their friends, traveled to the Bahamas for a vacation. During their stay, her niece France
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Is Murder-For-Hire an Organized Scheme by Husbands to Rid Themselves of Inconvenient Wives?

April 30, 2014

The Murder-for-Hire Playbook

Two cases of Murder-for-Hire (Kari Jolene Brown-Case No. 06-03034-01-S-Red) & Patricia Thyer-Case No. 04-3105-cr-R-Red) in the Western District of Missouri suggests there is a "standardized" and well
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US vs Litwok (pacer.gov 92-cr-427) Two Trials, Two Convictions, Two Incarcerations...Second Circuit Reversal from Trial 1 and Reversal Likely Pending on Trial 2

April 21, 2014

District Court Judge Leonard Wexler on Litwok's trials:

"Let the record indicate, the indictment goes to 1997. It is probably the oldest case. You've had more lawyers, more adjournments, more of anything that anybody else...(TR 3)"

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US v Marcusse 1:04-cr-165 Judge Robert Holmes Bell Attaches HIGHLIGHTED Government Exhibits to Jury Verdict Forms Removing Burden of Proof From The Government

April 15, 2014

In the jury instruction conference, Judge Robert Holmes Bell announced his intention to HIGHLIGHT prosecution evidence to the jury by tying a government exhibit to each count on the verdict form (Ex. 1, TR 3472-3475).

Judge Bell admits he's
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US vs Fleming 4:07-cr-513 SDTex; District Court Judge Gray H. Miller Refers to Prosecutor Albert Balboni's "Traumatic Brain Injury" as "Reasonable Explanation For Inaccuracies"

April 15, 2014

On March 14, 2014, District Court Judge Gray H. Miller DENIED Defendant Rhonda Fleming's Motion for sanctions against AUSA Albert Balboni and SUASA Suzanne Bradley (Ex. 1, Dkt. 946).

Federal Prosecutor Albert Balboni offered a 10 year plea a
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US vs Marcusse 1:04-cr-165 IRS Agent Stephen Corcoran Admits to 54 Boxes of Documents Withheld at Trial

April 09, 2014

In October 2005, Jan Marcusse, was sentenced to 25 years incarceration. This was a "downward departure" from the original sentence of 14,590 months (1,200 years) recommended by probation (Exhibit 1) and its subsequent revision to 13,920 months (Ex
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